April 2021 Update

Today is release day for Claiming Her Beasts Book Two and I’m so excited to share the second book in the paranormal reverse harem romance series with you. Early readers have been loving the book:

• “I couldn’t put it down.”
• “The book/series is fantastic.”
• “Damn if that ain’t hot as hell!!!!”
• “I loved it!!”
• “It’s fast moving and addictive.”

I hope you will download your copy (free on kindle unlimited) and check it out for yourself!

In celebration of the book release, I’m running a Claiming Her Beasts Giveaway! Enter now for a chance of winning a paperback of Claiming Her Mates Book One and a $50 amazon.com gift card.

See my April Newsletter for even more giveaways, new releases, freebies and awesome book deals.

2 thoughts on “April 2021 Update

  1. Hi Dia. It’s fun that you rewrote the Heaven series, but where can I find the original series? I’ve read both available books in the Claiming Her Beasts series, and while I enjoyed them, I much prefer the originals. I tried finding them again on Amazon to flat out buy them, and are coming up empty. I can’t find them available anywhere. Help!


    • Thank you so much for commenting Brianne. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough reader interest in the Heaven in Hell series for me to continue writing it. Instead of abandoning the story (and the characters I love so much), I decided to rewrite it and continue the series, hoping the rewritten version was appealing to more readers. Thankfully, it has been (Claiming Her Beasts Book One just reached its 100th review today!). Unfortunately, the shifts in the story are not to everyone’s tastes. I hope you’ll continue to read Lee’s story as it unfolds (there will be at least four more books in the series).


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