HBHHeaven Before Hell: (Prequel to Heaven in Hell)
On the eve of the apocalypse…
Twenty-year-old Lee Walker is struggling to make ends meet in the aftermath of a worldwide flu epidemic. Her life is complicated by a dangerous drug lord who can’t seem to take no for an answer, a sister who can’t keep herself out of jail, and a coworker who’s nasty pranks are no laughing matter. But when people start turning into zombies, Lee realizes the only thing that matters is saving her family from a world rapidly devolving into hell.


51yhjo-mDXL._UY250_Heaven In Hell: Episode One
Live by his rules or die by them…
In the wake of the zombie apocalypse, twenty-year-old Lee Walker is desperately trying to keep the last of her family alive. Salvation seems to come in the form of Dominic Rosario, a sexy army sergeant. Despite his questionable motives and brutal tactics, Lee can’t deny the scorching attraction burning between them. When a dangerous mission goes south, Lee must face her growing feelings for Dominic and a terrifying new creature that will hunt them to the grave.


514V0hJT6XL._UY250_Heaven In Hell: Episode Two
Seduce him or die trying…
While stranded in the most zombie-infested part of the city, Lee will do anything to save her injured friend—even seduce Dominic, the dangerous army sergeant leading their mission. Although he tries to resist, she challenges his orders not to fraternize with civilians in the hottest way possible. Unprepared for the soul-shattering desire that burns between them, Lee quickly finds herself in over her head. Soon the seducer becomes the seduced and Lee must fight to keep her heart, and her secrets, from destroying them all.


51Qb8j-7iCL._UY250_Heaven In Hell: Episode Three
Survival has a price that’s paid in blood…
Running out of options and time, Lee joins Dominic on his dangerous mission. Little does he know she’s on a mission of her own—to seduce the cure from him at all costs. Hunted by both the living and the dead, they will face the ultimate choice between love and survival.


51fCCbiXwXL._UY250_Heaven In Hell: Episode Four
To survive the monsters you must become one…
With a violent gang and an unstoppable super zombie stalking their every move, Dominic and Lee have never been in more danger. Just when she needs him the most, Dominic is mortally wounded. Unsure of who or what she is becoming, Lee struggles to hold on to her humanity long enough to defeat their enemies and save the man she loves.


Heaven I51IjK3BLaeL._UY250_n Hell: Box Set (Episodes 1-4)

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