August 2020 Update

How are you?

That simple casual greeting seems a loaded question these days. I never answer honestly. Either I dodge the question or I answer, “fine,” in a strained voice that begs the asker not to delve any deeper.

But the truth is, I’m overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, and relate to the picture in the header a little too much.

I know I’m not alone. My situation (doing virtual school with three kiddos with special needs while keeping their toddler sister out of mischief and sheltering at home and trying to meet my writing deadlines) may be unique to me, but everyone has stressors these days. They might be financial-related, health-related, child-related or relationship-related (or a soul-wrenching mixture of all of the above). I think we owe it to ourselves to recognize what a hard time this is and give ourselves grace.

To that end, I requested amazon move the deadline for my next book (Claiming Her Consorts) back. Unfortunately (since I’ve already moved the pre-order date once already), they refused. Therefore, I have no choice but to cancel the pre-order for this book which breaks my heart. I hate to disappoint readers, but there is no way I can write this story with all that I’m dealing with right now. I hope you will understand.

I’m trying to think of creative ways I can still be productive (and just maybe get another book out before the end of the year). In the interim, please check out my newsletter for new releases from other authors that will keep you entertained along with some freebies and giveaways.